InterFlex Dryer Units

Safe and Secure Drying

lnterflex Drying Units have been designed for drying water and solvent washable photopolymer plates. Each unit utilizes forced hot air, an air circulation filter and is controlled with an LCD thermostatic control. Built-in, high output circulation fans provide an even temperature throughout the overall dryer.

The lnterflex Drying Units have been designed to be over pressurized to force evaporated fumes into the exhaust system. Each drying drawer has a unique twist lock knob and is hermetically sealed to prevent undesirable solvent fumes from leaking into the prepress area. Whenever a drying drawer is opened; the circulation fans are programmed to shut down automatically, while the ventilation continues to exhaust the fumes. In addition, each drying drawer is equipped with up to 2 programmable LCD timers. Now it’s easy to control your drying time for each individual plate. lnterFlex Drying Units are capable of maintaining a temperature of 194° F / 90° C.

Efficient Combination

After drying, solvent washable flexographic photopolymer plates are required to be light finished and post exposed. The lnterFlex Drying Units and the corresponding lnterFlex Finishing Units are the same size. As a result, the lnterFlex Finishing Units can be stacked on top of the lnterFlex Drying Units to save space.


  • Consistent late quality
  • User friendly
  • Even drying produces higher plate quality
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Space-saving design in combination with lnterFlex Finishing Units

The lnterFlex System

lnterFlex Drying Units are manufactured exclusively by Jet Europe/lnterFlex B.V. in Zeewolde, Netherlands. lnterFlex Drying Units are available separately or as part of a complete lnterFlex Flexographic System.


Product Number Maximum Plate Size Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Voltage
  inches/mm inches/cm lbs/kgs standard
IFD 5/80 25”x31.5”/635×800 31”x52”x48”/78x130x120 618/280 380v/4.2kw
IFD 9/13.1 35.5”x51”/900×1300 36”x76”x50”/90x193x126 794/360 380v/9.5kw
IFD 9/13.2 35”x60”/889×1524 36”x87”x50”/90x220x126 904/410 380v/9.5kw
IFD 12/16 42”x60”/1067×1524 39”x99”x58”/99x250x147 1504/682 380v/11kw
IFD 12/20 48”x78.8”/1220×2000 56”x119”x60”/140x301x152 2646/1200 380v/16kw