InterFlex Conventional Exposure Units

Short Exposures, High Productivity

lnterFlex Exposure Units are specifically designed to expose photopolymer printing plates. Therefore reflection lamps (tubes) have been chosen with a wavelength of 365Nm (UVA type), resulting in a powerful and fast exposure. These lamps are fitted with electronic starters, thus no pre-exposure warm up is required and long life is guaranteed.

lnterFlex Exposure Units operate at an optimum working temperature of 104° -122° F (40° – 50° C). lnterFlex Exposure Units are outfitted with circulation fans to avoid overheating during exposure, which could cause surface damage and flawed exposures. The number and size of these circulation fans are determined by the distance from lamp to plate and the intensity of the UVA lamps.

Complete Equipment

lnterFlex Exposure Units are fitted with maintenance-free vacuum pumps and filters, reflection-free vacuum tables, yellow interior lights, hour counters and two timers. All of the lnterFlex Exposure Units can be upgraded with a light integration system. Each model has 2 drawers below the exposure unit, ample for the safe storage of the photopolymer plates. Model IFE 5/80 has a manual hood closing and raising system; the three larger models have automatic hood closing and raising and are preset amid your required exposure cycle.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Consistent quality
  • User friendly
  • Air circulation filter
  • Space-saving design

The lnterFlex System

lnterFlex Exposure Units are manufactured exclusively by Jet Europe/lnterFlex B.V. in Zeewolde, Netherlands. lnterFlex Exposure Units are available separately or as part of a complete lnterFlex Flexographic System.


Product Number Maximum Plate Size Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Voltage
  Inches/MM Inches/CM Lbs/Kgs Standard
IFE 5/80 24”x31”/550×800 43”x51”x64”/108x129x161 573/260 380v/2.8Kw
IFE 9/13 35”x51”/900×1300 44”x67”x61”/110x169x155 965/438 380v/4.7Kw
IFE 12/16 42”x60”/1067×1524 45”x76”x76”/112x193x191 1147/523 380v/5.3Kw
IFE 12/20 48”x79”/1220×2000 45”x91”x91”/112x230x230 1654/750 380v/5.5Kw