InterFlex Post Exposure/
Light Finishing Units

A Smart Combination

The lnterFlex Finishing Units have a combined post-exposure and light finishing treatment specifically designed for flexographic photopolymer plates. Germicidal lamps with a wavelength of 254 Nm are used for plate finishing instead of chemicals. Reflector lamps with a wavelength of 365 Nm are used for fast and optimal post-exposures. Finishing lamps are transversely mounted over the post exposure lamps so that both processes can take place at the same time. The user-friendly controls permit finishing and post exposure times to be adjusted separately.

Control Panel

The control panel is fitted with LED control lamps that give a visual indication that all finishing and post exposure lamps are operating properly. The control panel has two digital timers and a fail-safe, start/reset switch to avoid over finishing. Each lamp has an electronic starter, eliminating pre-heating and guarantees a longer bulb life. A safety device switches off all the lamps when the lid is opened for maintenance. The lnterFlex Finishing Units are fitted with circulation fans and an exhaust system.

Space Saving Design

The lnterFlex Finishing Units and corresponding lnterFlex Drying Units are the same size. As a result, the lnterFlex Finishing Units can sit on top of the lnterFlex Drying Units to save space.


  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Constant quality
  • User friendly
  • LED lamp indicators
  • Compact design
  • Space-saving in combination with lnterFlex Drying Units

The lnterFlex System

lnterFlex Drying Units are manufactured exclusively by Jet Europe/lnterFlex B.V. in Zeewolde, Netherlands. lnterFlex Drying Units are available separately or as part of a complete lnterFlex Flexographic System.


Product Number Maximum Plate Size Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Voltage
  inches/mm inches/cm lbs/kgs standard
IF PF-PE 5/80 25”x31.5”/635×800 13”x52”x48”/33x130x120 253/110 380v/3.0kw
IF PF-PE 9/13 35.5”x51”/900×1300 12”x76”x50”/30x193x126 496/225 380v/6.6kw
IF PF-PE 12/16 42”x60”/1067×1524 14”x99”x58”/35x250x147 1032/468 380v/7.6kw
IF PF-PE 12/20 48”x78.8”/1220×2000 14”x119”x56”/35x301x141 1191/540 380v/10.0kw