InterFlex Solvent Reclamation Units

Higher Efficiency through Recycling

Solvents are used to wash a flexographic photopolymer plate. Eventually the solvent in the wash-out station will become saturated by the dissolved monomers. These monomers can be separated from the solvent through a special regeneration process. After this procedure approximately 90% of the solvent can be reclaimed. lnterFlex Recycling Units are a cost effective way to recycle and reduce solvent costs.

Techniques and Applications

lnterFlex Washout Units are equipped with PLC controls which are linked to the pumps of the storage and buffer-tanks. The lnterFlex Recycling Unit can connect via an electrical circuit; this will produce a fully automatic closed loop recycling system. Of course the lnterFlex Recycling Unit can also be used separately for manual operation. InterFlex Recycling Units have a maximum capacity which varies from 100, 225 and 400 liters depending on the size of the wash-out machine.

lnterFlex Recycling Units are proficient in distilling all alternative solvents. Each unit is equipped with a vacuum assist to enable the distillation of alternative solvents which may require higher boiling

The lnterFlex System

lnterFlex Recycling Units may be connected to any lnterFlex Washout Unit. Unlike other equipment in the lnterFlex Flexographic System, the recycling units are manufactured on behalf of lnterFlex. lnterFlex is the appointed dealer for distinguished manufacturers such as Renzmann.

Jet customers worldwide can attest that the winning combination of an lnterFlex Washout Unit linked to an lnterFlex Recycling Unit is a justified cost saving investment.


Product Number Maximum Plate Size Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Voltage
  inches/mm inches/cm lbs/kgs standard
IF PF-PE 5/80 25”x31.5”/635×800 13”x52”x48”/33x130x120 253/110 380v/3.0kw
IF PF-PE 9/13 35.5”x51”/900×1300 12”x76”x50”/30x193x126 496/225 380v/6.6kw
IF PF-PE 12/16 42”x60”/1067×1524 14”x99”x58”/35x250x147 1032/468 380v/7.6kw
IF PF-PE 12/20 48”x78.8”/1220×2000 14”x119”x56”/35x301x141 1191/540 380v/10.0kw