InterFlex Washout Units

The lnterflex Washout Units are the most innovative solvent washout systems manufactured in the world. Each unit features an Omron PLC with touch screen design. This patented system embodies the latest flexographic processing techniques available today. It has all the features required for the most discerning printer. It has been specifically designed to achieve continuous, high quality solvent washout flexographic plates.

The lnterFlex Washout Units can automatically process any brand or thickness of flexographic photopolymer plates through a sequence of three functions: washout, rinse and pre-drying, all in one simple operation. The lnterFlex Washout Units are equipped with an automatic height adjustment, flat transport platen; pumps; solvent tanks; computerized touch screen control panel; and self-cleaning brushes.


The lnterFlex Washout Unit has a unique flat washer design, where plates are transported horizontally, saving valuable floor space. In order to simplify plate feeding, the transport platen is equipped with a clamp free, transport system. This feature will allow your company to maximize the complete plate format without wasting thousands of square inches of expensive material used for the punch bar. Simply place any plate onto the transport platen, equipped with an adhesive mat and then simply depress the start button. The fully automatic access door will close and the transport platen will invert to carry the plates upside down over the brushes and initialize washout cycle. During the washout cycle, multiple counter rotating brushes operate simultaneously. The brushes carry the solvent up to the plate while the transport platen jogs laterally and horizontally. The washout platen is continuously in contact with the brushes.
The platen is gradually lowered to the desired relief preventing detrimental pressure that can cause the loss of isolated dots.

The lnterFlex Washout Unit is delicate to the plate but quick and efficient with extremely low solvent consumption. Upon completion of the washout cycle, the platen proceeds through a clean solvent rinse and dry brush station. One brush carries clean solvent up to the plate and the second brush makes the plate touch dry.

Next, a highly efficient exhaust system quickly removes any residual solvent fumes generated from the washout cycle in just a few seconds. An additional floor exhaust system is engaged to prevent undesirable fumes from the washout solvent from entering the plate room as the automatic door opens. Finally, the finished plate can be removed from the transport platen easily.

Due to this unique patented design, the lnterFlex Washout Unit provides the fastest and most optimal washout available. The use of costly lint-free towels is no longer necessary because the plate exits the lnterFlex Washout Unit dry to the touch. The entire process is incredibly quick. A .067″ plate can be completely processed in 3 to 6 minutes, depending on the solvent being used and relief desired.


A Complete Unit

lnterFlex Washout Units are designed with stylish stainless steel panels that make the interior easily accessible. The outside shell is completely removable making maintenance as effortless as possible. All panels are coated to assure maximum resistance to solvent. Each unit is equipped with a programmable touch screen menu display that regulates the complete process, including; plate thickness, washout time, rinsing time, continuous solvent replenishment, and rinse and storage tank levels. The pumps have ceramic shafts to ensure long life. The components are connected by a closed solvent circulation system and all ambient fumes are eliminated by an internal exhaust system. An automatic adjusting plate relief guarantees consistent washout quality. The independently driven brushes are self-cleaning and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Another great advantage of the lnterFlex Washout Unit is that it is capable of achieving savings of more than 50% in the consumption of washout solvent. Accordingly, the reduced environmental impact and the economics of the process are important considerations to be taken into account in the decision to implement the lnterFlex Washout Unit. The lnterFlex Washout Unit exceeds all current electrical requirements worldwide and is equipped with an emergency stop button on the control panel.

Environmentally Friendly

The lnterFlex Washout Units were engineered to meet challenging customer requirements. The lnterFlex Washout Units expel virtually no odor. The sticky transport platen controls the plate relief height automatically and does not require the aid of clamps. This will allow the operator to produce unparalleled plate washouts with trouble-free, mess-free handling. The independently driven brushes are self-cleaning and the touch-dry design assures the operator that there’s practically no physical contact with harmful washout solvents.

The lnterFlex Washout Units are computer processor controlled and work efficiently with most manufacturers’ distillation systems to complete a closed loop system. The multi-functional touch screen control panel is easy to read and can change languages at the touch of a menu.

Why lnterFlex Washout Units?

Due to its remarkable design, flexographic printing plates can be processed quickly, accurately and efficiently without jeopardizing quality. This patented design produces the most consistent and highest quality available for solvent washable photopolymer on the market today. The lnterFlex Washout Units produce an unprecedented washout, resulting in perfectly controlled relief depth, shoulder and sharp image definition. Plate thicknesses up to 7 mm (.276″) can be easily reproduced time and time again. Combine the ease, speed and operator friendly features with the solid construction and low solvent consumption and you’ll recognize that lnterFlex Washout Units clearly have a unique place in today’s flexographic market.


  • The lnterFlex Washout Units produces either Analog or CtP flexogrophic photopolymer plates
  • The plates are washed out upside down. This patented design allows solvent quantity control, automatic relief adjustment and reduced plate swellingv
  • The plates come out of the lnterFlex Washout Unit touch-dry. There is no need for lint free shop towels.v
  • The lnterFlex Washout Units are compatible with oil alternative solvents
  • Low solvent consumption: Approximately 3/4 of a gallon per 30″ x 40″ of .067″ thick photopolymer, a savings of up to 50% over other washout systems
  • Environmentally Friendly: lnterFlex Washout Unit is enclosed to prevent solvent loss due to evaporation
  • Operator Friendly: Virtually no odor; one touch operation; eliminates the use of expensive lint free towels

The lnterFlex System

  • Exceptionally fast washouts mean minimal plate swelling, short dry times and higher productivity
  • Self-cleaning design
  • Designed with the highest quality brushes; Limited lifetime warranty
  • Clomp Free: Allow for maximum plate usage
  • Versatile: Capable of washing multiple plate thickness simultaneously
  • Consistent, unparalleled washout quality
  • Modern space saving design; touch screen control; minimum maintenance
  • Modem access is available via lnterFlex Link which allows for immediate system maintenance

InterFlex Washout Units are manufactured exclusively by Jet Europe/lnterFlex B.V. in Zeewolde, Netherlands. lnterFlex Washout Units are available separately or as part of a complete lnterFlex Flexographic System.


Product Number Maximum Plate Size Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Voltage
  inches/mm inches/cm lbs/kgs standard
IFW 5/80 25”x31.5”/635×800 61”x128”x50”/155x325x125 2028/920 380v/2.2kw
IFW 9/13 35.5”x51”/900×1300 63”x161”x60”/160x407x151 2822/1280 380v/4.0kw
IFW 12/20 48”x78.75”/1220×2000 63”x217”x60”/160x551x151 4365/1980 380v/6.0kw
IFW 13/21 50”x80”/1270×2032 69”x 237”x74”/174x601x188 4850/2200 380v/6.0kw