JetFlex Solvent Wash Equipment: Polyflex Series

Jet USA supplies a unique range of equipment for processing solvent based photopolymer plates. The equipment embodies the latest flexographic techniques available today. It is specially designed to achieve high quality plates of any thickness and design to ensure consistently good reproduction.

PolyFlex Series Equipment

The Jet PolyFlex Series is a space saving all in one flexo plate making device based on simplicity, yet plenty capable of processing the latest solvent wash plate technology. Exposure, washer, dryer, post-exposure and light finisher are integrated into one single unit.

The Jet PolyFlex Series can process any type of solvent photopolymer plate; analog and / or digital, and any thickness up to 0.276” / 7 mm. Plates are mounted on a bi-orbital sticky platen, allowing you to put any size up to the maximum size on the transport plate, without losing material because of punching the plate.

Each segments of these units are PLC controlled and easily operated by a user friendly touch screen.


  • The Complete Solvent Wash Plate Processor: Exposure, Wash, Dry & Light Finisher
  • The Jet PolyFlex Series can process any type of solvent wash photopolymer, analog and / or digital, of any thickness up to 0.276” / 7 mm
  • 9 Channel, Programmable PLC Control
  • User friendly touch screen display for easy operation
  • Permanent self-adhesive plate fixing, no punching needed for tow bar
  • Solvent & Post Exposure / Post Finishing Ventilation Ports
  • Optional: Recycling Unit
  • Post Exposure / Post Finishing Ventilation


Product Number Maximum Plate Size Dimensions (L x W x H)
  ASE Metric (mm) ASE Metric (mm)
Jet PolyFlex 35 14.6″ x 20.5″ 230 x 370 47.2” x 26” x 22.4” 120 x 76 x 57
Jet PolyFlex 50 20.8″ x 29.9″ 370 x 520 47.2” x 36.2” x 29.1” 120 x 101 x 77
Jet PolyFlex 70 27.5″ x 35.4″ 530 x 760 47.2” x 38.6” x 41.7” 120 x 108 x 106
Jet PolyFlex 80 31.1″ x 40.5″ 700 x 900 47.2” x 42.5” x 57.1” 120 x 126 x 145