JetFlex UVW: UV Flexo / Water Wash

(Analog & CTP)

The Jet Brand represents a broad range of water washable photopolymer plates that are supplied all over the world from North America, Europe & Asia. Jet plates cover all the requirements of the packaging industry. The Jet Brand photopolymer plates are manufactured in Japan and consist of poly vinyl alcohol and acryl vinyl monomer, which dissolves naturally in water and can be safely disposed of into any drainage system. Jet plates combine optimum printing quality and minimum environmental impact.

JetFlex UVW Series Water Wash Photopolymer Plate… Analog or CTP

There are many reasons why users are so enthusiastic about the JetFlex UVW Series Flexo plates. Amongst others is the ease with which UVW plates can be manufactured. The astonishing level of exposure latitude, the convenience and simplicity of being able to use ordinary tap water for washing without a surfactant means no contamination and the very short processing times. Not to mention, the impeccable printing characteristics, excellent ink transfer and extremely sharp printing of both fine lines as well as halftones, wherever necessary in combination with truly open reverses.


The Jet UVW Series Flexo plate is a “Surfactant-Free” water washable photopolymer plate specially developed for printing with UV Inks in the so-called thin plate technology. The Analog and CTP versions of UVW plates are available in different thicknesses and sizes. They have become particularly popular with narrow web printers who started to change over from letterpress to UV Flexo. The plates are produced in the same processing equipment required for letterpress plates. A full set of plates can be Press Ready within 30 minutes. Now that’s… Faster than Fast.


Types Thickness Base Thickness
UVW 80 0.031” / 0.80 mm 0.007” / 0.19 mm
UVW 94 0.037” / 0.94 mm 0.007” / 0.19 mm
UVW 114 0.045” / 1.14 mm 0.007” / 0.19 mm
UVW 170 0.067” / 1.70 mm 0.007” / 0.19 mm